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Backpack 101: How to Choose the Right Backpack


If you are planning on backpacking through the world, you need to be prepared and find the right backpack.

You need to find the One that will stand the test of time, and won’t let you down as soon as the first few drops of rain hit your face. This is the reason why I usually recommend you buy a waterproof backpack, or, better yet, a water-resistant one.

Here’s what I look in a backpack when I know I am planning an exciting, a-lot-of-hiking-involved trip:

  • A good, waterproof backpack consists of a PVC material with welded seams, as it can keep all your stuff (especially equipment!) dry, and protected from snow or dirt.
  • I love it when a backpack has zippered pockets on the inside and out.
  • Padded back is always a plus since it increases comfort.
  • I appreciate D-rings on the sides, so that I can store my water bottle.
  • I would always choose a black one over any other color, just because I feel it fits every outfit I wear, and any style.
  • Always look for the one that floats on the water surface.

And that’s pretty much it when it comes to tips for choosing the right backpack.