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How to Plan Your Traveling Budget


If you are planning on starting your first adventure, I imagine you want to save as much money as you possibly can and learn how to spend it wisely during your travel. The truth is, being wise with your money is a skill that will take you more than a day or two to learn. So, let me help you.

Here are my tips that can help you plan your traveling budget:


When it comes to accommodation, I have four words for you: Plan. Your. Steps. Carefully.

Instead of staying at a Hilton hotel, research low-budget accommodation options. Be sure to check or Airbnb. has helped me so many times to get the best deals.


If you are not planning on wasting all your money driving in a cab when you go sightseeing, I would advise you to choose public transport, like buses and trains. You are going to be surprised how cheap these options are!

Food and Drink

When it comes to food & drink, I would have to say that it all depends on where you are planning on traveling. For example, if you are planning on visiting a small town in India, you can eat tasty, exotic street food every night without a care in your mind. If, however, you are planning on staying in Paris, you probably won’t be able to find that many cheap restaurants. So, before you get on the road, do a bit of research on the local cuisine, and restaurants where you can dine without spending a dime.