Tokyo, Japan: The Breathtaking Inokashira Park


Having pretty hectic first two days in Tokyo, we decided to relax the third day, and do activities Tokyo hipsters like to do when they want to let loose.

So, we decided to visit Inokashira Park.

A few years ago I read about this park, and I remember that the article said it was one of the most beautiful parks in the world. As soon as I read that sentence, I was skeptical. Little did I know, this park is truly one of the most peaceful, mesmerizing places to visit.

The first thing you have to know about Inokashira Park is that it is THE place that can help you find your inner peace and achieving nirvana.

The park consists of two sides 一 one that is more crowded, and the one that is a bit secluded. In the center of the park, there is a beautiful bucolic pond, Inokashira Pond. If you want to see all of the park’s beauty, I would advise you to rent swan boats. HOWEVER, don’t ride the boats with your significant other, as it is believed that if you do, you will break up soon. So we didn’t. 🙂 But, we took a long walk and enjoyed every moment.

Here are some fun facts about this park:

  • There is a traditional Japanese garden, “Shizen Bunka-en Gardens.”
  • The Studio Ghibli museum is located in the park. (Before you decide to visit the museum, check availability online, because it often booked far ahead).
  • The park also has the Kanda River that flows outward.
  • On the west side of the park, in Gotenyama, you can find a small zoo.
  • Near the park, less than a half a mile from Inokashira Pond is Kichijōji station on the JR Chuo Line.
  • Unfortunately, we weren’t there in the spring, but I have heard that the park is the most mesmerizing this time of the year 一 the edge is surrounded by cherry blossoms, and the white-pink petals cover this luscious green space.

Have you been to Inokashira Park? What is your experience?