Tips & Tricks

Always Make a List


Before each trip, be sure to write down all the ideas you have. Ideas don’t stay for that long, and you need to capture them fast before they are gone in the wind.

Bring an Extra Camera Battery, or Two

If you are truly enjoying the moment, you are probably not paying attention to your camera battery. So, be sure to bring at least three camera batteries on each trip. You never know when you are going to get that perfect shot.

Photocopy Your Passport

It may sound ridiculous, but trust me. Photocopy. Your. Passport. If, God forbid, you lose the passport, you can bring a copy of it and an extra passport, and you can travel.

Plan Your Outfits

I imagine you don’t want to look like a trainwreck on the photos you take. So, don’t be a last-minute packer and plan all your outfits  carefully.

Don’t Order Alcohol on a Plane

Remember: getting dehydrated on a plane is so easy. So, instead of drinking your favorite cocktail, opt for a bottle of water. (Believe it or not, this trick can help you’ll get over jet lag faster.)

Wear SPF

Wearing SPF will not only protect you from the sun but will also prevent premature aging. When traveling, I make sure to apply sunscreen all over my body.