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DAAKO studio

DAAKO was created in 2014 in Warsaw, as a studio mainly focusing on creating high-quality architectural visualization.Since then, we have worked with clients in Poland and Europe, creating hundreds of visualizations for projects of different scales – from luxury housing to extensive urban masterplans.

We extended our services, and now we also offer comprehensive graphics services for real-estate and development.In addition to architectural visualization, we produce virtual tours, 360º panoramic views, and every other graphical product that supports your sales.The pattern remains the same though – we still believe that presentation of a given project is the key and that choosing the right mood of graphical expression is the best way to emphasize the value of your real estate.



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founding partner
creative director

Małgorzata Dębowska

creative director


Architectural visualization

Exterior visualization
Common space visualization
Interior visualization
Aerial views

Virtual tours

Experience walking through your real estate, with the option of viewing the common space and entering a show flat.

Housing development plan

Axonometry views on the estate, with pins marking down special places, adnotations for apartments, etc.

360º panoramic views

Interactive visualization that allows to experience how a room or the area feels like.

Floor plans

Individual project for your needs, available in 2D (flat picture with plan) or 3D (axonometry with example furniture).

Graphic design

Chosen graphical material which supports your sales – flyers, catalogues, banners, etc.

More than visualization – we create experiences

We know that a successful real-estate sale is based on more than just a presentation of your building. That's why in DAAKO we focus on showing the history and experiencewhich accompany the idea behind the project.

Work methodology

Phase 1_ 3D Model

We create a three-dimensional model of the building and its' surroundings based on the materials recieved.

We work using models made by architects (Revit, Sketchup, 3ds max, Archicad, etc.),
or we create our own model entirely based on your technical drawings.

Phase 2_ Frame

We prepare a few proposals for each frame.

We look for the most characteristic and attractive elements of the estate and we propose a few main ideas for frames.

Within a given idea we provide a few options (different aspect ratios, camera angles, etc.) and we also make a proposal on lighting of the scene..

Phase 3_ Detail

The frames chosen in Phase 2 are now worked on in detail, which is:

- working on properly presenting materials of the building;
- composition, in terms of green areas, small architecture like benches, street lamps, etc.
- we give a final proposal on lighting of the scene.

Phase 4_ Post-production

After accepting the detail on the building and final lightning, we make final touches to the scene and the overall mood of the picture.

In this step, we also add people and make the space look lively.

Let's talk about your project.

To make an evaluation of costs we need a few basic information, like the type and scale of your project, and the purpose of visualisation. Together we can fit the best tools for the job, and adjust it to your budget, for optimal and cost-efficent estate presentation.



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