Evora, Portugal: Praia da Vigia, the Most Beautiful Beach in the World


After Mumbai and the Sahara desert, we needed a break. We wanted to find a relaxing, small town in Europe, where we can drink wine, and go to the beach. Although the French vineyards sounded like a dream, Aya, the girl we met in Marrakech, mentioned Evora, a city in the Alentejo region, in Central Portugal. Aya described it as a peaceful, affordable, old town, and we were sold.

So, we headed to Portugal and decided we were going to stay there for three days.

Day 1: Learning About the History of Portugal

We didn’t want to waste time, so the first day we got to Evora, we wanted to explore the town, as it is full of monuments and stunning old buildings.

We went to see the Roman Temple, one of the most prominent historical landmarks not just in Alentejo, but in entire Portugal. 

Day 2: Relaxing on the Most Beautiful Beach in the World

The second day, we wanted to visit the most famous beach in the Alentejo region and the world.

The beach is located in Agarves, a town that is 45 minutes away from Evora.

We took the bus to Algarves. Once we got there, we asked the locals whether they could give us a hand and direct us to the nearest beach. Just 10 minutes later, we found ourselves at the most beautiful beach in the world 一 Praia da Vigia.

Praia da Vigia was more than mesmerizing  一 it seemed like the calmest place in the world, and its golden sand gave me the most pleasurable goosebumps. No joke.

Day 3: Going Wine Tasting

Love French wines? Wait until you try the Portuguese ones!

When we were in Evora, one of the locals advised us to try their wines, as the Alentejo region is rumored to be the best wine region in the world. To do this experience, we chose the winery Adega da Cartuxa. We also got the opportunity to make our own wine, which was a lot of fun.

After the third day, we felt ready for our next adventure.