Hi, my name is Hannah. I am a travel blogger, nature lover, and a free spirit. And I have a feeling you already know my story.

I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio. I was always a good kid 一 a hard-working and dedicated bookworm. Ever since I was four, my ultimate goal in life was to find a steady 9-5 job that will allow me to travel 2-3 times a year and live my best life.When I turned 22, I got my Master’s degree in Financial Accounting/Auditing at Cleveland State University and landed my first job. Months after I was hired, I started noticing that all my days looked the same: I was working for 10 hours a day, going home, hanging out with my boyfriend Matt, eating dinner and spending another 2-3 hours in front of the computer screen.

And then, I realized I was… well, miserable.

I was not living the life I always wanted. I wondered what had happened to all the dreams I had.

So, I decided to stop dreaming and start living.

I said to Matt: let’s pack our lives in two suitcases and let’s go. Anywhere we want. Anywhere our souls take us.

Matt was crazy enough to say yes to this idea, so we ended up selling our apartment and everything we didn’t need and got one-way tickets to India.

This all happened four years ago, in 2015. Since then, we have visited China, Turkey, Japan, Thailand, Malta, Spain, Portugal and many other destinations. And let me tell you, we have been through so many adventures, tears, nervous breakdowns, but I enjoyed every single minute of it. And I still do!

Today, we are still on the road. We usually stay in one place for about 2-3 months, keeping you updated with the latest experience.

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